Apartment exhibitions

2011 - 2013

Basic idea of Apartment exhibitions was to unite different artistic groups and spaces into regular community event. A series of self-organized exhibitions in private/living places, studios and off-spaces combines the efforts of the local art scene representatives and friendly colleagues from Ukraine and abroad. In 2013 Lviv artists running their own off-space joined the initiative.


In 2013 the idea of apartment exhibitions united two cities in Ukraine: Kharkiv and Lviv located in opposite sides of the country. Big regional centers outside Kiev with all differences have similar culture problem: it is a deficit of professional non-profit institutions. Events were happen during five days in two cities in parallel time were connected by online excursions in skype. In Kharkiv this edition of initiative went to more large row of the type of spaces than it was before. Except studios and private flats was organised the trip to a village outside the city. Suburban spaces as lake with former pumping station, abandoned garden or large field became a new territory for artistic intervension where objects have a possibility to interact with local people.

Design studio on Artema str. 
Uliana Alimova "Art kills", installation, b&w print 
Design studio on Artema str.
Skype-excursion on Apartment exhibition in Lviv

Komynalka (Dormitory) on Symskaya str. 
Natalia Zotikova "Domestic Capitalism", installation, c-print 
Komynalka (Dormitory) on Symskaya str.
Natalia Zotikova "Pilgrimage", video installation

Exhibition in the former pumping station. 
Zelenyi Hay, Kharkiv region 
Lake in the village Zelenyi Hay, Kharkiv region
Taras Kamennoy "Stability", styrogoam, site-specific object

Field in the village Zelenyi Hay, Kharkiv region  
Serhiy Popov "Freedom", funeral flowers, site-specific object 
Field in the village Zelenyi Hay, Kharkiv region
Serhiy Popov "Freedom", happening


Summer of 2012 in Ukraine associated  with European football championship (EURO-2012) and 1st Kyiv biennial for contemporary art Arsenale. Preparation to the EURO-2012 connected with a big company of change in public space and building of new infrastructure. Many cases of changes turned to a loss of budget money and price increase for population. The budget to the biennial was given as to a part of culture program which became sort of edition to sport events. This problematic context became a field for artistic critique. Apartment exhibitions took place on regular base but with zero budget. In any detail: from the side of self-organisation to the aspect of all the presented works - apartment exhibitions were united by critical reflection of the Ukrainian social and culture environment.

Doorway exhibition on Symskaya str. 
Taras Kamennoy "Traces of beatings", dirt on canvas 
Doorway exhibition on Symskaya str.
Michail Dolyanovskiy "Zombies instead of vegetables", acrylic on wooden boxes
SOSka gallery-lab
Nikita Kadan "Speech of silent", mixed media
Nikita Kadan, posters in public space, streets of Kharkiv                            

Doorway exhibition on Symskaya str.
Vlad Chentsov "Laboratory of signs",mixed media 
Apartment on Danilevskogo str.
Mykola Ridnyi's speech on the "Zero budget", video screening


First row of Apartment exhibitions in Kharkiv were include exhibitions in three places: SOSka gallery-lab, garage gallery "Y Rozy" ("At Rosa's place") and private studio - all located in the center of the city. It united different initiatives with a common type of motivation - self-organisation outside official institutions in Kharkiv which have a frame and limitation to artistic gestures especially if artistic statement touch political issues. The same problem exist in a field of art education in Ukraine which is very conservative and gives no opportunity for experimental work. The aim of using private space as public linked to the opportunity of free experiment and development of artistic practice.

SOSka gallery-lab
"Artist's choiсe" - exhibition by Mykola Ridnyi, Serhiy Popov, Taras Kamennoy. Mixed media

Studio on Symskaya str.
Olga Rabzevitch "People eat people", oil on canvas / Taras Kamennoy "Slogans", tape on hardboard

Garage-gallery "Y Rozy" ("At Rosa's place")
Alina Kleytman "Capture", video projection