The New History


The exhibition was created specially for the traditional fine art museum, as a part of curatorial competition of Eidos arts development foundation. The project presents works by Swedish, Romanian, Slovakian, Russian and Ukrainian artists exhibited along museum’s masterpieces on permanent display. The general concept of the project is to create a dialogue between different cultural and historical dimensions by tracing possible common aspects in artistic methods or selected subjects, i.e. between so-called critical realism method of XIX century painters and socially-engaged young artists investigating current context of Eastern European countries.

Exhibition was banned by next day after the opening the museum director, stating that the artistic level of presented pieces goes counter the values of the Museum. The video “Instead of Excursion” with the director explaining her decision has become an autonomous art piece, often presented by the group worldwide.




SOSka group,
Sep 14, 2015, 8:11 AM