SOSka group is a collective of artists founded in 2005 by Mykola Ridnyi (born 1985), Serhiy Popov (born 1978), Ganna Kriventsova (born 1985) in Kharkiv, UA. SOSka Group has curated and organized a large number of projects in Kharkiv. Among them is the artist-run space SOSka Gallery-Lab (2005-2012), the international exhibition “The New History” at the Kharkiv State Museum of Art (2009), and the Days of apartment exhibitions, co-organized with other artists (2011-2013).

Selected solo exhibitions

2010 – “Memorial”. Project WE. Turin. IT

2009 – "Barter". The Cardboard gallery curated by Vesna Krstich and Nikolas Drosos, Dumbo art centre. New York. US

2008 – "Dreamers". Project Room of the PinchukArtCentre. Kyiv. UA

Selected group exhibitions

2019 - "The Influencing Machine". Curated by Aaron Moulton. Gallery Nicodim. Bucharest. RO

2019 - "Enlightenment and Paternalism". Curated by Nikita Kadan. Kmytiv Museum of Soviet Art. Kmytiv. UA

2016 - "Dependence degree". Curated by Open group. Gallery BWA. Wrozlaw, PL

2015 - "Beginnings". Curated by Neringa Bumbliene. Gallery Vartai. Vilnius, LT 

2015 - "Grammar of freedom / Five lessons". Curated by Zdenka Badovinac, Snejana Krasteva and Bojana Piškur. Museum for contemporary art Garage. Moscow, RU

2014 - "Power verticals. Plywood collonades". Curated by Liza German, Maria Lanko. Ministry of foreign affairs. Kyiv, UA

2013 - "Global activism". Curated by Peter Weibel. ZKM. Karlsruhe, DE

2013 - "Re-Aligned Art". Tromso Kunstforening. Tromso, NO

2013 - "Ukrainian News". Center for contemporary art Ujazdowski Castle. Warsaw, PL

2013"Living as form (the nomadic version)". Center of creative initiatives Fabrika. Moskow, RU

2012 - "Milieu. Experience of non-institutional relationships. Kharkiv, 2004 - 2012". Center of creative initiatives Fabrika. Moskow, RU

2012 - "Shelter". Kunstverein das weisse haus. Vienna, AT

2012 - "Double game". Special project of the 1st Kyiv biennial for contemporary art Arsenale. Art Arsenal. Kyiv. UA

2012 – "Angry birds". Museum of modern art. Warsaw. PL

2011 – "The Global Contemporary. Art Worlds After 1989". Curated by Peter Weibel, Andrea Buddensieg. ZKM / Centre for art and media. Karlsruhe. DE

2011 – "A Complicated Relation, part II". Curated by Martin Shibli. Kalmar Konstmuseum. Kalmar. SE

2011 – "Impossible Community". Curated by Victor Misiano. Moscow Museum of modern art. Moscow. RU

2011 – “An Elusive Object of Art”. Curated by Iara Boubnova. Galerie Dana Charkasi. Vienna. AT

2010 – "Intercool 3.0". Curated by Birgit Richard, Inke Arns. Hartware MedienKunstVerein / Dortmunder U. Dortmund. DE

2010 – “IF. Ukrainian art in transition”. Curated by Ekaterina Degot. Musem for contemporary art. Perm. RU

2009 – "Wakefield Meadows". Curated by Anca Mihulet. Pavilion UniCredit. Bucharest. RO

2009 - "The (Re) Socialization Of Art". Curated by Reinigungsgesellschaft. Museum of modern art, Odessa, UA

2009 – “The future was yesterday”. Curated by R.E.P. group and Loose Associations. Student center gallery. Zagreb. HR

2009 - “Il Castello di Rivara apre le cantine”. Curated by Francesca Solero. Centro d’Arte Contemporanea Castello di Rivara. Turin. IT

2009 – “Curated by”. Gallery Hubert Winter / Vienna fair. Vienna. AT

2009 – "The New History". Curated by SOSka group. Kharkiv museum of art. Kharkiv. UA

2008 – “New Print Politick: Post-Soviet Politics and Contemporary Art”. Ukrainian Institute of modern art. Chicago. US

2008 – “Artists in residence”. Art point at KulturKontaktAustria. Vienna. AT

2008 - «Grabbing at straws». Curated by Negative Capability (Chris Sharp, Joanna Fiduccia). Guenzani studio. Milan. IT

2008 – “68:08. Politics on streets”. Project Fabrica. Moscow. RU

2007 – "The Art World". Gallery Feinkost. Berlin. DE

2007 – "Communities. Young art of Ukraine". Gallery Arsenal. Byalystok. PL

2007 – “Critically in between”. Curated by Viktor Misiano in frame of the “Progressive nostalgia” project. Art-Athens. Athens. GR

2006 – «Team colors». Gallery «F.A.I.T». Krakow. PL

2006 – «New communities». Caucasus biennale of contemporary art. Tbilisi. GE

2005 – «XXX». Gallery-laboratory SOSka. Kharkiv. UA

2005 – «SOSka artists». Gallery-laboratory SOSka. Kharkiv. UA

Selected publications and reviews

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