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Installation, series of 4 color photorgaphs (variable size) 2011

The starting point of the project – four photos with SOSka members in the company of celebrity artists, taken at the after-party of large art event in Kiev. The Distance presents a re-installation of SOSka gallery-laboratory interior within a Museum space. Displayed along DIY-style decorations of the artist-run gallery, these photographs represent how the marginal side of artistic world meets the one of professional accomplishment and commercial success. The Distance project brings together two opposite poles of artistic community and makes evident their almost grotesque incompatibility. Thus, the very idea of artistic community is literally exposed as fiction. As the group elaborates: “The contact depicted here is a fiction of friendship; at the same time, it speaks of the impossibility of communication between different segments of contemporary art and contemporary society at large.” 

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Installation view from "Dependence degree", Gallery BWA, Wroclaw, 2016. Photo: Alicja Kielan


Installation view on "Impossible community", State Museum of Contemporary Art of the Russian Academy of Arts, 2011