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one channel vertical video (DV), 2 mins., 

photography series


The project consists of two parts: photography series and single-channel video-installation.

Photography series show teenagers in subcultural outfit as if levitating in the air. In the video teenagers dressed in the same manner scream out context-less slogans and rhetoric questions associating with youth psychology such as “Who am I?”, “The world is so strange” “There’s nothing to wait” etc.

The heroes of this project are so called emo-kids, young people with their individualities hidden behind attributes of the teenage subculture they belong to. However the essence of the work goes far beyond the generation problems only. According to the artists’ statement, these typical emo-kids of Kiev represent a metaphorical reflection on Ukrainian and Pan-European current social realia. The image of young infantile daydreamers impersonates the modern society’s state of instability and uncertainty in its own political convictions, as well as the illusiveness of world economic situation. 

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"Dreamers", stills from video



"Dreamers", photography series