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I don't know / I have a dream

Two-channel video installation, 2009

The artists recorded video-interviews with Ukrainian teenagers and Austrian schoolchildren. The former were asked about what they’re dreaming of, the latter – about what do they know about Ukraine. While the Ukrainians mostly tell about their wish to move abroad in a quite naïve teenager-talk manner, the Austrians appear to know almost nothing about the Ukraine and confuse it with neighbourhood countries.

The visual framing of the video is similar to Skype conversation windows. As artists recall about aesthetics of Skype stream: “You often have difficulties trying to be in touch with your country when travelling or staying abroad. Skype used to be the most convenient mean of communication when SOSka group stayed in residency programme in Austria. Indeed, the connection troubles happened all the time, the picture disagreed with the sound. The answer of a person whom you talked to was blurred in time. These made the impression of unreality – as if the dialogues replaces by the artificially juxtaposed monologues.” 




Installation view PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv, 2009