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Installation: vertical video projection, DV, 5:32 mins., 3 color photographs in light-boxes variable size, 2009

Heroes of the video are old women, whose occupation is to perform an authentic ritual of funeral crying, traditionally practiced in countryside. These crying women are often invited to funerals for mourning the dead. In the video the hired women are crying over the slide show projection presenting the history of XX century art. Duchamp’s “Fountain” conditionally marks the starting point of contemporary art while the “Diamond skull” by Damian Hirst goes as a symbol of its end as well as the highest point of art commercialization. The project deals with the issue of the global financial crisis as a catalyzer for the art market fall, the process that pushed to reconsideration of values in art history. Questions raised by the artists here are whether there can be a contemporary art outside of the market as well as whether it is possible to speak about death of art. 

"Memorial", colour photography

"Memorial", stills from the video

Installation view from "Wakefoeld meadows", Pavilion UniCredit, Bucharest, 2009 / "Memorial", WE project, Turin, 2010

Installation view from "Double game", Special project of the 1st Kyiv biennial for conntemporary art, 2012

Installation view from "Dependence degree", Gallery BWA, Wroclaw, 2016. Photo: Alicja Kielan