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Police Academy

Three-channel video installation, 5:00 min., 2009 - 2015 

Video installation combines scenes of student training in Ukrainian Police academy and the scene of same students wearing ethical costumes and dancing on the stage of concert hall in the same academy (during rehearsal for some official event). Aside the obvious irony on the image of policeman, the episode of dancing shows the same act as how Ukrainian national culture was represent in Soviet Union times. Recent acting shows the example of how political system change names and symbolics but doesn’t change it's sense.

"Serving by honour – the official slogan of the Ukrainian police. Today police in many Post-Soviet countries is accused of many things: corruption, abuse of authority as well as unsanctioned aggression. In this context the wording of the slogan requires clarification of standards of honour and responsibility. The extremely problematic attitude to the figure of policeman in society leads to questioning the motivation of many young people in Ukraine to choose police service occupation.” - we wrote this lines in 2009 during the filming of “Police academy”. Since that time a role of police in Ukrainian society gained transformations. The act of killing of activists by special forces of riot police in 2014 was a highest point of discredit of this governmental service. The new authorities who came to power after Maidan protests started a reformation of police service: an old name “militia” was replaced by “police”, old-fashion uniform by the stylish one, previous people by new. However being a young policeman started to be even fashionable. The questions which we address with our work are does an honest individual desires of justice can change unjust and corrupted rules of the system? And does the system wants to change itself or rather change the decorations?

"Police academy", stills from the video

Installation view from the "Beginnings", Vartai gallery, Vilnius, 2015