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found objects, two-channel video
2013 - 2014
Shards is a reference to real-life iconoclastic acts that serve as prime examples of the arbitrary nature of violent policy-making with regard to works of art, which can easily fall victim to unsanctioned destruction. The work presents two distinct memorials: a plaque commemorating the intellectual George (Yuri) Shevelov and a monument to Lenin that was toppled by the crowd during Maidan. Through their juxtaposition, the artists have built a more universal statement on the relationship between ideology and cultural heritage using shards of the plaque and the weapons used by the vandals. These are artifacts that tell a story about this particular moment in the history of Ukraine, whereupon the arbitrary nature of legalized political demolition affects figures that could not be more different in their historical legacy. Paradoxically, a similar destructive impulse was at work in Ukraine during the 1930s at the apogee of communist repression.

After representation of this work Mykola Ridnyi and Serhiy Popov stopped using the name of SOSka group but don't stop their artistic collaboration.

Installation views: 

"Visit of Ghosts", VCRC, Kyiv, 2016
"After the Victory", CCA Yermilov centre, Kharkiv, 2014
"Neighbors", Warsaw Under Construction 10, Cepelia Pavillion, Warsaw, 2018